Eileen’s Memories

Eileen, born in 1916, shares her memories of growing up in Toxteth.

I was born in 27 Sussex Street. There was me, Frances and Peggy born there. Johnny, was born in Northumberland Street. I don’t know whether Cissie and Kitty were born there or whether they were born in Upper Warwick Street – as you walk along past St Patricks.

After Warwick Street they went to live in a house in Sussex Street. I think they only stayed about two days then they moved further down the Street to number 12; then Nellie and Winnie and Mikey were born – and then they moved facing further down to number 27. Years ago I believe you could just walk from one house to another.

Dickens Street in 2010

Dickens Street in 2010

My grandmother lived in Dolling Street. I know my father’s father lived in Caryl Street.

Sussex Street was off Upper Warwick Street. If you walked up Upper Warwick Street our street was off there if you walked a bit further there was Princes Road. From our house you could walk right through to the Cathedral from St James’s Place.

We lived behind St Patrick’s Church but they built tenements on it after the war then they knocked them down and built houses and flats there.

Dickens Street is still there, that was all tree lined. They’re all called after Dickens, there was Dickens Street, Dorrit Street, Dombey Street. If you walked up Dickens Street our street was right facing it.

A Visit to St Patricks