During the War

At first it wasn’t that real but as the ships started coming back without soldiers we’d waved off it was very sad. I remember the injured soldiers at Woolton Woods hospital. I used to get the tram with them. They had lovely blue uniforms. 

I don’t think I was ever that hungry despite rationing. We made bread pudding, in a big gravy tin. We ate tripe and dripping. Pigs feet. And Cow heels. 

It was shilling for salt fish. Came round on a cart on a Sunday. The fish was so hard we played cricket or tennis with it but didn’t tell me mam. 

My mam said, we if caught outside during a bombing raid, make for the Jewish synagogue steps because ironically Hitler’s bombers kept missing the place.  

I was evacuated with my sister Josie, to North Wales – Brymbo. It was next door to a giant steelworks. We hated it because we never got any jam butties – the people that took us in weren’t that friendly and spoke about us in Welsh. So we ran away and started walking down the railway track to reach the train station. We got caught and told off and mam came and got us.

Brymbo West Crossing Halt.
Photo http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/b/brymbo_west_halt/index.shtml

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