St James’s Cemetery

Eileen Recalls her Visits to Nearby St James’s Cemetery

People used to say the St James Cemetery was haunted. There used to be stories about it in the Echo.

When we were little we lived next door to a fish and chip shop and the girl out of the fish and chip shop, Florrie Savory, had a baby sister and it died. She was buried there. Me and her used to go to the cemetery but her father always walked behind us.

St James's Cemetery 2010

When we used to pass the cemetery we used to like to go in there and look at the graves. There used to be a woman, she must have been the caretaker, she used to chase us. I suppose she thought we’d do something to the graves. She used to live in the house just as you walked through the gates. Everybody used to call her Jinny Greenteeth. I don’t know whether she had green teeth or not!

There was a well in the cemetery and people used to go there to collect the water. They used to say it was healing water.