Jack’s Story

My Family

I was born in the early 30s – I had three sisters, two brothers and I was the youngest. 

My family came over of course like many Irish immigrants – dad’s dad I think was the first generation in Liverpool. My mum had lovely red hair, and was from Chester. I remember my aunties had the same red hair. Aunty Martha had a fruit and veg cart. My uncle sold rabbits and meat in the Old Market. 

The first home I remember was Carver Street, off Islington, three stories, with an outside toilet. All factories to one side, a garment factory, a lemonade factory called Strawsons and in the corner Gibsons sausages. It was a real community we were able to play out in the street.  One day mam couldn’t find her shoes and it was because I’d taken them to play football. 

Carver Street as it intersects with Canterbury Street

I remember the war, one of my earliest memories was of a zeppelin, came across the Mersey. I remember thinking why does an aircraft have no wings?I felt really safe as a kid. Our street felt safe there were no cars. There were posts at either end to stop the traffic. Everyone knew each other. Most people on the street were Catholic.

My School.


During the War

Liverpool Humour

First Job in Liverpool

After the War

Pubs in Liverpool